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Give a little charity with Google’s One Today app

With Google's new app called One Today, Android users now have a simple and social way to help charity: “Do a little. Change a lot.”
Conan HughesApril 19, 2013269 shares

New Iron Man 3 trailer released, up to 18 armors playable in-game

In anticipation of Iron Man 3's imminent release, developer Gameloft has uploaded another trailer video to show off more features of the game.
Conan HughesApril 19, 201395 shares

Strategy game Anthill arrives on Android

Move over Ant Smasher, a new strategy game called Anthill has arrived on Android and comes with an appealing visual design and interesting gameplay.
Conan HughesApril 19, 201329 shares

Google Glass listed on eBay with bids reaching $95K, but don’t buy just yet!

Some Google Glass Explorers would rather resell the device for heaps of cash than experience the future of wearable computing. But don't just hit that "buy now" button yet, a Google's ...
Conan HughesApril 18, 201385 shares

Android devs can now upload better screenshots for their tablet apps

The Google Play team updated its tablet app guidelines and screenshots today, giving Android devs better ways to showcase their apps to tablet owners.
Conan HughesApril 17, 201392 shares

Enable your phone’s hidden tethering feature with Hotspot Control

The Hotspot Control app lets users bypass issues that prevent creating portable hotspots, allowing their devices to connect with each other.
Conan HughesApril 14, 2013117 shares

Facebook Home to launch in Canada a few weeks after U.S. release

Facebook fans in Canada will be happy to know that they can look forward to grabbing Home from the Play Store some weeks after the U.S. release.
Conan HughesApril 7, 2013167 shares

Gameloft teases Dungeon Hunter 4

The release of the fourth iteration of Dungeon Hunter may finally be upon us as Gameloft has started hinting the game’s arrival via its Twitter account.
Conan HughesMarch 13, 201392 shares

Space Sports lets you play soccer in space, win real tickets to watch real sports

Not only does Space Sports lets players compete in multiple sports, it also offers the chance to win actual tickets to real sports!
Conan HughesMarch 13, 201372 shares

Galaxy Note 2 lock screen bug lets attackers access popup browser

Since we reported last week that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a lock screen bug, another blogger has found a flaw that provides more ways to access the device.
Conan HughesMarch 12, 2013147 shares
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