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Andrew Roach

After spending years playing with a many gadgets as he can get his hands on, Andrew has spent the past 5 years writing about all the latest technological innovations from across the world. When he's not busy playing with all the latest apps from Google Play, Andrew will be found trying to find the next hottest gadget to take the world by storm.

Andrew's Posts

Hundreds of issues of Archie, Mega Man, and Sonic available on Google Play for $0.99

Now it’s possible for American fans to read their favourite Archie Comics stories on their Android devices as over 500 issues of the series are now available to read on Google Play.
Andrew RoachApril 23, 201354 shares

Gongkai Phone is a $12 cellphone from China, not Android but could inspire DIY smartphone designs

Smartphones aren't the cheapest to own. But a mobile phone in China could break the mold: the $12 Gongkai Phone, which could inspire cheap DIY smartphones.
Andrew RoachApril 22, 2013197 shares

MediaTek-powered Lenovo IdeaTab S6000 stops by the FCC

The Lenovo S6000 is likely to be a budget-friendly 10.2-inch device powered by a quad-core MediaTek processor. The tablet is currently under FCC review.
Andrew RoachApril 22, 201380 shares

Samsung to use flexible OLED screen on Galaxy Note 3?

According to a report from the OLED Association, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be on show at the IFA 2013 Berlin show in September, and its plastic screen could be one of the phone's ...
Andrew RoachApril 22, 2013487 shares

TweetDeck’s mobile apps set to shut down on May 7th

Mobile versions of TweetDeck will close for good on May 7th, Twitter announced.
Andrew RoachApril 20, 2013194 shares

Microsoft adds Windows 8 effects in new Outlook.com Android app update

Microsoft issued a new Outlook.com Android app update bringing a touch of Windows 8 to Android devices.
Andrew RoachApril 18, 2013127 shares

Japanese ISP delivers twice the speed of Google Fiber for a lower price in Tokyo

A Japanese ISP has announced the availability of an internet service in the Tokyo area that puts Google Fiber to shame. The Nuro network has twice the download speeds of Fiber, and ...
Andrew RoachApril 18, 2013359 shares

LG Optimus G sequel due to be launched in Q3 (probably at IFA 2013)

After the success of smartphones such as the Nexus 4 and Optimus G, LG unveil plans to launch its next flagship smartphone, the Optimus G2, in Q3, probably at IFA.
Andrew RoachApril 18, 201374 shares

CSR Racing speeds on to Android devices

Drag-racing game CSR Racing is now available on Google Play. CSR Racing is free to download, with in-app purchases for keen racers that want to buy upgrades and extra cars to help get ...
Andrew RoachApril 17, 201349 shares

HTC patent reveals unlikely dual-screen smartphone

HTC was awarded a patent that describes dual-screen smartphones, but will it see a practical application on actual phone releases?
Andrew RoachApril 17, 201357 shares
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