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The Advantages of Setting Up a VPN on Your Router

A VPN-enabled router protects all your devices at once, including smart TVs and gaming consoles. Get yours here!
AA Partners18 hours ago80 shares

ZTE Axon 10 Pro is one of the best priced flagships on the market

The ZTE Axon 10 Pro will soon enter the U.S. market with its excellent hardware at an impressively aggressive price point.
AA Partners18 hours ago293 shares

Exclusive deal: Enjoy the safety and benefits of VPNCity for only $1.99/month

VPNCity has an exclusive deal for our AA readers. Instead of paying the typical $6.99 per month, it's now $1.99 per month.
AA Partners21 hours ago42 shares

OPPO is hosting its See Beyond Photography Exhibition in Amsterdam

OPPO's See Beyond Photography Exhibition will be hosted in Amsterdam to spotlight creative talents from all over the world.
AA PartnersSeptember 2, 201951 shares

Take 10% off one of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 screen protectors

Get 10% off on the Whitestone Dome Glass tempered glass screen guard. It's compatible with the Note 10's fingerprint sensor!
AA PartnersAugust 19, 2019125 shares

OnlyBrush is the ultimate nanotech dental kit for your travels this summer

OnlyBrush is a complete oral hygiene solution in one compact kit and the ideal companion for your travels this summer.
AA PartnersAugust 1, 201946 shares

Blueprint for the future of photography — computational photography

Here's how the future of photography is being shaped by computational photography techniques.
AA PartnersJuly 30, 2019208 shares

Should you use VPN for your phone?

Protect your privacy by going stealth online using VPNCity. Right now, Android Authority users can get the first month free.
AA PartnersJuly 18, 2019118 shares

Qualcomm future of AI photography

Qualcomm's vision for tomorrow integrates the everyday with machine learning algorithms.
AA PartnersJuly 16, 2019196 shares

Shot on Snapdragon contest 3: Win a free Galaxy S10!

Here's how you can win a Galaxy S10 from Android Authority and Qualcomm.
AA PartnersJuly 15, 2019104 shares
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