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MSI introduces three tablets, all very Apple-esque

by: Alex SerbanJune 3, 2013
We haven’t heard about MSI in a while, since January to be more precise when the Taiwan-based company brought the low-price Enjoy 71 tablet to market. In the venue holding this year’s Computex event, MSI introduced several tablets, including the Primo 81 which has an interesting concept in mind: elegantly bringing elements of the Apple’s iPad Mini inside the Android world.
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MSI introduces low-price Enjoy 71 tablet

by: Conan HughesJanuary 27, 2013
If you’re looking for a 7-inch tablet but still can’t afford the likes of the $200 Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD, perhaps the new MSI Enjoy 71 might pique your interest.
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Another Low-Priced Android Tablet: MSI Windpad Enjoy 7 spotted at FCC

by: MinaSeptember 5, 2011

Here’s another cheap Android tablet that you might want to consider: the MSI Windpad Enjoy, and it’s reported to retail at just $199.

The Windpad Enjoy 7 is one of the two Android tablets MSI announced on May 31, the other one being the Enjoy 10, which was already spotted earlier at FCC. Just recently, its smaller brother has been seen at FCC too, signaling that they are going to be out in the market very very soon.

Enjoy 7 is reported to be powered by a single core 1.2 GHz processor, with other specs including Bluetooth 2.1, microSD card slots, Wi-Fi connectivity, 2MP cameras on front and rear sides, built-in 4GB memory, and 512MB RAM– quite [...]

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WindPad U100 delayed for Android launch

by: James TromansOctober 22, 2010

MSI Windpad

Increasingly credible DigitTimes is reporting that MSI are dropping Windows 7 for their Windpad in favor of the mighty green robot. Indeed, Micro-Star International, the Taiwan based computer and components manufacturer, are delaying the WindPad U100 until Q3 of 2011 in favor of Android 3.0 aka Gingerbread. In truth, we might actually see Android 3.5 Honeycomb by Q3 2011, but we’ll see.

The good news for the consumer is that this item will now offer an attractive sub $500 price point and will still provide some of the goodies we enjoy such as HDMI connectivity. The tablet will be still offer a 10.1” display and a couple of [...]

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MSI Android tablet launching in June but dualscreen delayed until Q4

by: James TromansApril 30, 2010

MSI Android Tablet. Original image via

Apparently MSI will show of an Android based tablet at Computex trade show in June. The word on the street is that it will come in two sizes, offering 8.9 inch and 10 inch displays. We should look forward to both of these tablets going live to the public in Q3 of this year.

Unfortunately the dualscreen version shown in this post will no longer become available at the same time, and it is likely that we shall have to wait until the forth quarter of this year to get our hands on one of these puppies. The primary hold-up on the dualscreen concept is that the battery life just sucks. No real [...]

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MSI Android tablet

by: James TromansJanuary 29, 2010

DigiTimes is reporting that Micro-Star International (MSI) will release an Android based tablet later this year. The as yet unannounced device will offer a 10’’ screen with a rather chunky bevelled boarder but in typical DigiTimes fashion, there is no name to accompany the device as yet. At least they have not conjured one up themselves out of thin air.

The device is alleged to operate like a typical notebook and will run on an Nvidia Tegra-based chipset. Due for release in the second half of 2010, this device will cost you around $500. Apparenlty all of this information is from company sales director Sambora Chen, who denotes that the tablet will also offer wireless support, [...]

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Rumour mill: Android netbooks from MSI at Computex?

by: James TromansApril 24, 2009

Another one attributed to the DigiTimes’ rumour mill. Once again, citing one of its favourite sources, the Chinese language “Economic Daily News”, DigiTimes state that MSI will be revealing their first Android netbook offering at the Computex 2009. Computex Taipei has become the largest computer exhibition in Asia and the second largest in the world, next to CeBIT in Germany.It would certainly be a suitable place for MSI to announce an Android based netbook.

As usual, I don’t automatically trust “news” from DigiTimes, but hopefully this snippet is bang on. We’ll find out on June 2nd when Computex starts.

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