What was missing from Google I/O?

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by 1 month ago

As exciting as it was to see Android L in action, and hear about some of Google’s plans for TV and auto, there were plenty of other things on our wish list that got no keynote love.

Possible Gear Glass: Samsung patents Earphone looking like Dragon Ball Z scouter, Google Glass

by 3 months ago
21 The Korean Intellectual Property Office recently published Samsung’s patent application for an earphone that seems to be a compact Bluetooth headset and smart glass rolled into one whose shape quickly calls to mind a familiar object in Dragon Ball Z — the scouter. Samsung’s patent application referred to the device as simply the “Earphone.” Here are the illustrations lifted from Samsung’s patent application filing for “Earphone”: Is it the rumored Samsung Galaxy Gear Glass redesigned? Or is it a design for an entirely new product? No one knows yet, but the two are quite different enough to justify being…