Can other platforms survive without Google services?

by 1 year ago

As our friendly neighborhood search giant extends its tentacles, drawing together more and more useful functionality, you may well wonder if you can manage without Google. Would a lack of support for Google services be enough to turn you off a mobile platform?

Google Earth 7.0 update brings 3D maps, Maps update brings offline maps

rome 3d map google earth
by 2 years ago

Google sure did announce a lot of new things yesterday, but it was slightly interesting to see the entire audience at the I/O Keynote yesterday enthusiastically cheering for one of the few things that weren’t entirely surprising: an update to Google Earth (now at version 7.0) that brings 3D mapping capabilities, as well as an update to Google Maps that brings the ability to download maps for offline use. Google had already announced these features a few weeks ago at a Maps-centric event, but it’s always nice to see promised stuff actually becoming available for us, the end-users. Starting with…

Google Maps 3D official, Google Maps offline for Android coming soon

google earth maps 3d
by 2 years ago

Google held a special Google Maps event today to reveal “the next dimension of maps”, and just as expected, it unveiled an advanced Google Maps 3D layer that’s going to be available in different markets, but also Google Maps offline, a feature many Android users have been asking for. Google Maps offline coming soon Google confirmed today what we already suspected, that the Google Maps offline feature, currently available to Android device users in Labs only, is going to get a lot better at some point in the near future. Android users will no longer require an active Internet connection to…

Google Earth Updated, Fixes Issues with Tegra 2 Android Devices

by 2 years ago

Google has just updated their Google Earth App, fixing a very pesky bug that was causing the app to crash during startup on Tegra 2 Devices. NVIDIA uses special instructions for the Tegra chip, and while they work amazingly well when used properly, sometimes different specialized hardware makes it difficult for generic apps like most of the Google Apps, including Gmail, YouTube and Google Earth to work right. Google Earth certainly pushes the limit of what a mobile GPU can handle, and needed a bit of tweaking to run it all on the devices using a Tegra chip. Another form of the…