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It’s official: Google announces Android 8.0 Oreo, rolling out to devices soon

by Jimmy Westenberg 20 hours ago0 comments

How to flash Android Oreo on your Nexus or Pixel

by Team AA 19 hours ago3 comments

How Oreo is better than Nougat: Introduction

by Gary Sims 4 hours ago0 comments

Will exploding phones hurt the Note 8 launch?

by Robert Triggs 17 hours ago0 comments
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Stick the GEMINI speakers anywhere and experience true wireless stereo sound

GEMINI offers a truly wireless audio experience. The system consists of two individual speakers that act simultaneously to create a stereo effect.
by Edgar Cervantes15 hours ago1

Swidget is a modular smart home system hidden in your outlets

Swidget looks like an ordinary wall plug, but its true functionality comes from its modular design, which allows you to turn any electrical outlet into part of your smart home system.
by Edgar Cervantes7 days ago

Crowdfunding project of the week: ALL Controller works with any device

Enter the ALL Controller, a gamepad that is claimed to work with... all platforms. This includes gaming consoles, computers and mobile devices.
by Edgar Cervantes2 weeks ago

Crowdfunding project of the week: ORII allows for making calls using your finger

ORII is unlike any other Bluetooth headset you have used. This is because it is technically not a headset; it is a ring.
by Edgar Cervantes4 weeks ago

Crowdfunding project of the week: COVI is an Alexa-powered light

COVI is a smart light, but it can do much more than that. Because it runs Alexa, you can use it for anything Amazon's AI assistant does.
by Edgar CervantesJuly 16, 2017

Crowdfunding project of the week: LAER laptop sleeve keeps all your devices charged

Keeping devices alive has become one of our biggest worries. This is exactly why I don't mind carrying horrifyingly bulky battery cases or packs around. ARROE has something else in ...
by Edgar CervantesJuly 2, 2017

Crowdfunding project of the week: Flipp is a “beautiful and simple” music remote

Today's featured project is Flipp, one of the simplest music remotes we have seen. The idea is different, but also amazingly simple and convenient.
by Edgar CervantesJune 25, 20171

Crowdfunding project of the week: UrbaNext turns any bicycle into an electric one

What if you could turn any bicycle into an electric one? This is exactly what UrbaNext promises with its electric wheel, which is said to work with about 99% of all bicycles.
by Edgar CervantesJune 18, 20175

Crowdfunding project of the week: GObyLIVI makes any bike, scooter or motorcycle smart

Why build smart bikes when we all carry powerful machines that can turn any experience into a smart one? This is exactly by GObyLIVI products try to accomplish.
by Edgar CervantesJune 11, 20174

How not to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a new app

We take a look at some atrocious Kickstarter campaigns to examine where they're going wrong.
by Scott Adam GordonJune 6, 20175
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