Gigabyte tries its Android luck with the dual-SIM GSmart 1342 and GSmart G1362, we go hands on (Video)

by 2 years ago

You’d probably be hard-pressed to name any Android phones from Gigabyte, but the Taiwanese manufacturer has been actually trying to grab a bite of the Android smartphone market for quite some time and has its eyes set on becoming a bigger player in the future. Gigabyte has just introduced two new Android phones at Computex 2012 in Taiwan: the entry-level GSmart G1342 and the rather high-end GSmart G1362. The GSmart G1342 has a 3.5-inch display of 320 x 480 resolution. At the heart of the phone is a single-core Qualcomm 7225A processor, while the rest of the specs include a 1GB…

Computex 2012: $120 Meiying 7-inch Android Ice Cream Sandwich tablet hands-on [video]

by 2 years ago

As some of you already know by now, Android Authority is on the ground at Computex 2012, on the prowl for interesting upcoming Android devices. Such is the case with the Meiying 7-inch Android Ice Cream Sandwich tablet in the following video, which should hit various markets in the near future for the low price of $120. That’s a lot cheaper than Amazon’s Kindle Fire or the Google Nexus tablet that’s rumored to be unveiled soon end expected to be priced somewhere south of $250. The Meiying tablet – that’s not the name you’re going to find in stores –…

LIVE from COMPUTEX 2012: We’ll be in Taipei to bring you the hottest news in tech

Computex 2012-live-coverage
by 2 years ago

Each year in the early summer, the tech world converges to Taipei, the bustling capital of Taiwan, for COMPUTEX, the largest tech fair in Asia. Thousands of companies, from local specialty manufacturers to the largest international corporations, bring their hottest offerings in front of hordes of avid tech lovers, industry professionals, and of course, tech bloggers. But COMPUTEX is more than a tech fair. Taiwan is a global manufacturing center, and chances are that, whatever device you are rocking, at least some components in it are made in Taiwan. So it’s no wonder that each edition of COMPUTEX brings product…

ASUS to introduce “next transformations” at Computex 2012

ASUS next transformations
by 2 years ago

In the tech world, product announcements and releases are met with a lot of fanfare. For most, it’s just a general sense of relief to be able to step away from the whirlwind of speculation and to finally get definitive answers on what to expect. It’s been almost a month since the unveiling of the Galaxy S3 and some crazy rumors still flash before my eyes (2GB RAM confirmed! 12MP camera a must!). But the tech world waits for no one, and we were are now hearing rumblings of Google planning to release five Nexus devices, including at least one Nexus tablet. With…

Been looking for a 22-inch Android tablet? ViewSonic grants your wishes

by 2 years ago

Samsung may have jump started the race to release both a bigger phone via its 4.8 inch Galaxy S3 and 5.3 inch Galaxy Note, and apparently has a rumored 11.6-inch Galaxy Tab in the works, too. Sadly though, the rumor river has run dry, and Sammy has remained hush hush since the rumors first leaked into our power-blogging claws. Because we haven’t heard anything juicy from the Korean tech giant as of late, our laser gaze turns to to Toshiba and its promise to bring out 13.3-inches of Excite(d) tablet goodness, which is supposed to land in June. Thankfully, there’s a new big…

Taiwan ICT Will Be At CES 2012

by 2 years ago

If you’re looking forward to CES 2012, you should not miss COMPUTEX TAIPEI too! It will be happening on the second day of the much anticipated consumer electronics event of the year. This year, you can witness as TAITRA joins Taiwan ICT giants including GIGABYTE, Acer, and ASUS in presenting ‘Taiwan ICT International Press Conference & New Product Launch.’ The event will act as a media brief as well as trade on their new marketing strategies, branding concepts and latest products they will be introducing this year. Apart from the press conference, the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)…

Colombian manufacturer Compumax to release 10-inch Android tablet

by 3 years ago

Compumax (Bogota, Colomobia) is set to release it’s ‘Hyper Android Tablet’ sometime in the near future. It is unusual to read of Colombian technology companies but one quick way to make the news is to release an Android based tablet with tasty specifications. Hyper Compumax Android 2.1 tablet is alleged to feature NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 Dual 1GHz ARM Cortex A-9 chipset with 32GB hard disk space and 512MB of RAM. In terms of connectivity, we may expect Mini USB 2.0 x1, HDMI, WiFi and Bluetooth. The whole thing is set to weigh around 660 grams (1.46 lbs) and will cost…

Video and summary of the GNB netbook/UMPC

by 5 years ago

Computex is now coming to an end, but Run SSD have released a video revealing a GNB netbook/UMPC that is really something a bit different. The device is tagged as the ‘750’ and sports a 7-inch touch screen running Google’s Android. It is somewhere between a netbook and even a UMPC as it is super small and super light, weighing only 680g. Inside, the UMPC offers a solid state drive (SSD), the capacity of which ranges from 2GB to 8GB. Similarly, you can have either 128MB or 256MB of RAM. Combine this with the Freescale i.MX31 CPU and we’re looking…