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Microsoft’s Surface pushes Acer to be more aggressive about Chromebooks

by: LucianSeptember 17, 2012
Acer had been one of the companies to be the most vocal about their critique of the Surface, blasting Microsoft over its decision to suddenly become a tablet-maker. Now they want to show Microsoft that they've got an alternative in ChromeOS, so they're going to heavily promote their next-gen Chromebooks supposed to come out this October.
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Samsung is working on a new back-illuminated 13MP camera for phones and tablets

by: LucianSeptember 15, 2012
According to its own website, Samsung is now working on a next-gen 13MP back-illuminated sensor, called S5K3L2, that's meant to go into phones and tablets sometime next year. The news comes after we have already heard that Samsung has been working on a 12MP sensor (S5K3L1) that's currently in production for upcoming devices. The question is, will the new sensor be competitive enough in 2013?
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Why Android will continue to lead in both software and hardware this year

by: LucianSeptember 13, 2012
After the disappointing announcement of both the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, with the latter not having introduced anything new from the WWDC event in June, and after Microsoft's stumbles with Windows Phone 8, it's safe to say that Android will continue to dominate in both software and hardware this year, especially if there will (most likely) be another version of Android coming out this year.
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IHS: The sum of Android devices will exceed 1 billion in 2013, 3 billion by 2016

by: LucianSeptember 12, 2012
Soon after Andy Rubin announced there are now half a billion Android devices worldwide around, research firm IHS predicted that there will be over 1 billion Android devices next year, and 3 billion by 2016.
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Google kills off Motorola’s Webtop. Isn’t Android ready for desktops?

by: LucianSeptember 11, 2012
Now that Google has acquired Motorola, they are able to make their opinions clear about whether they think Android is or will ever be suited for desktop use. With the termination of Motorola's Webtop, it's becoming clear that Google has no intention of ever using Android as a desktop OS. So the question is, will Google ever compete for the desktop market?
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Nexus 7 is denied entrance in the Chinese market

by: LucianSeptember 11, 2012
It seems the Chinese Government never forgets. As payback for wanting to leave the country in 2010, it is denying Google the right to sell the Nexus 7 in China.
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Ainol releases dual-core Novo 7 Crystal tablet with Jelly Bean for $139

by: LucianSeptember 10, 2012
After releasing the very first ICS tablet last year, Ainol is back at it, launching the Novo 7 Crystal, a very affordable tablet with the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean, a dual core CPU and IPS display, all for only $139.
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Oppo Find 5 to feature 5″ 1080p display, S4 Pro processor and Jelly Bean

by: LucianSeptember 7, 2012
After releasing two of the world's thinnest phones, Oppo is about to launch another great 5-inch phone that will feature 1080p display, 441 PPI, and a quad core S4 Pro processor.
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Is the OMAP 4470 chip in the new Kindle Fire HD 8″ really better than the Tegra 3?

by: LucianSeptember 7, 2012
Yesterday at their event, Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos, made what seemed like a surprising comment about the OMAP 4470 chip, which is powering the new Kindle Fire HD 8.9". Amazon said that OMAP 4470 can do 50% more floating-point operations per second than the Tegra 3, while the dual-channel LPDDR2-466 RAM on the Fire HD has 40% more bandwidth than what Tegra 3 comes paired with. So is it true?
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ICS now on 20.9% of all devices, Jelly Bean on 1.2%

by: LucianSeptember 6, 2012
ICS is now one fifth of the Android ecosystem of devices, while Jelly Bean is on only 1.2%. But is that growth as fast as it should? Google needs a much better policy for upgrading devices.
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