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How to Install Android 3.2 Custom ROM (Taboonay) on Your Acer Iconia Tab A500

by: Chit AgustinSeptember 1, 2011

I remember when the sweetest version of Android–Android 3.0 Honeycomb–was first released months ago, enthusiasts went crazy and were dying to have their own fill of Honeycomb.

It was still Android 3.0 back then, but it was already oozing with awesome features.  The most recent version of Honeycomb is 3.2, which can tell you a lot about bleeding-edge features for tablets.

Some tablets have the misfortune of being loaded only with an earlier version of Android (e.g., Froyo and Gingerbread), while some newer tablets are blessed with Honeycomb.  Among the Honeycomb tablets, most are still stuck with version 3.0.  But, luckily for the Acer Iconia Tab A500, Android [...]

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How to Install Android Revolution HD ROM to Your HTC Sensation

by: Chit AgustinAugust 31, 2011

Aside from being a multimedia superphone, the HTC Sensation is undoubtedly one of the hippest smartphones this year. We know for a fact that it is loaded with exceptional features including a blazing-fast dual-core processor.

If you are looking for a custom ROM that can actually boost your Sensation’s dual-core processor to improve user experience, then Android Revolution HD may be the right one for you.  It is the most popular and widely praised ROM for the HTC Sensation and can surely bring more awesomeness to your device.

Android Revolution HD unleashes your HTC Sensation’s complete dual-core power, which [...]

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How to Root Your Acer Iconia Tab A500

by: Chit AgustinAugust 31, 2011

The Acer Iconia Tab A500 is one of the most highly regarded among currently existing Honeycomb tablets. Since its debut, many eyes have been fixed on it. For the enthusiasts who could not resist buying it, the Iconia Tab A500 packs stock features whose limits the enthusiasts would like to stretch further.  The first way to do that is to root the Acer Iconia Tab A500, and our friends from the XDA Developers site have managed to figure out just how.This article guides you through the steps in rooting the Acer Iconia Tab A500.

Disclaimer: ROOTING THE ACER ICONIA A500 WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY. Android Authority [...]

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How to Root Your HTC Sensation

by: Chit AgustinAugust 23, 2011

The HTC Sensation is a multimedia smartphone that’s undeniably one of the hottest Android devices out there. For some enthusiasts and ‘superusers,’ the HTC Sensation isn’t that “sensational” until they have rooted it.

Now, if you want to become a ‘superuser,’ follow this quick and easy guide to permanently root your HTC Sensation.

Disclaimer: ROOTING THE HTC SENSATION WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY. Android Authority disclaims all liability for any harm that may befall your device, including, but not limited to, bricked phones, voided manufacturer warranties, exploding batteries, etc.

Required Files

Download the following [...]

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How to setup and use ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

by: Chit AgustinAugust 21, 2011
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The Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a versatile command line tool that lets you communicate with and control an Android-powered device over a USB link from a computer. It comes along with other useful tools and code bundled with the Android Software Development Kit (SDK).

The ADB program includes three components:

A client, which runs on your development machine. You can invoke a client from a shell by issuing an adb command. Other Android tools such as the ADT plugin and DDMS also create adb clients. A [...]
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How to install the Android SDK (Software Development Kit)

by: Chit AgustinAugust 21, 2011

The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) allows developers to create applications for the Android platform. The Android SDK includes sample projects with source code, development tools, an emulator, and required libraries to build Android applications which are written using the Java programming language.

Much of the info in this guide comes from the documentation on the Android Developers site. Follow this quick guide to successfully install Android SDK on your computer. If you are new to it, it is a bit complicated to install compared to your usual program. However if you are good in following instructions, it’s as easy as A-B-C.

The process involves four [...]

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How to Root Your HTC Thunderbolt

by: Chit AgustinAugust 8, 2011

When it came out into the market, everyone had his/her eyes on the HTC Thunderbolt, and many were mesmerized by its speed and performance. In one breath, it was immediately described awesome. Yet, enthusiasts and power users were hardly satisfied. You know these types of folks–they just won’t settle with the HTC Thunderbolt’s stock functionalities.

And, knowing that a lot of the device’s other powers lay locked and inaccessible from the hands of ordinary people, Android enthusiasts quickly found a solution to gain full control (i.e., to gain root access) of the device and unleash its full potential. This guide outlines the methods for doing just [...]

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How to Root Your AT&T Inspire 4G

by: Chit AgustinAugust 8, 2011

Just a few days after the AT&T Inspire 4G was released, methods and solutions for rooting the device were quickly making their rounds around the Net. That was how quick the Android community’s response was, as far as rooting the AT&T Inspire 4G was concerned.

If your AT&T Inspire 4G hasn’t been rooted yet, this guide will be good news to you. By rooting your handset, you will unlock many of your phone’s hidden powers which would have otherwise been inaccessible to you if the phone remain non-rooted.

In this guide, ClockworkMod Recovery is used to enable the AT&T Inspire 4G to install custom ROMs or firmware. There are other [...]

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How to Root Your HTC EVO Shift 4G

by: Chit AgustinAugust 8, 2011

If you have been waiting for a long time to get into the root of your HTC Evo Shift 4G and become a “superuser,” you can now temporarily root your device by following this guide.

Take note that this method only gives you temporary access to your system’s root directory. This is not a method for permanent rooting. With permanent rooting (also called “permroot”), you have full control over the destiny of your system’s files–including purging them to oblivion.

In contrast, the temproot method is very useful if your primary reason for rooting is to use root-enabled apps from the Android Market. “Root-enabled” apps are those apps requiring root access. And, [...]

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How to Root Your Verizon Motorola Droid X2

by: Chit AgustinAugust 7, 2011

Rooting your phone or getting access into its root directory is the process of customizing the OS loaded on your device to give you total control over it. When you are in full control of your device and its OS, you can go beyond your phone’s limitations, expand system functionality, and even upgrade it based on your preferences. You are able to do that on a rooted phone simply because rooting gives you access to system files you normally do not have access to.

Thanks to the GingerBreak app, you can now root your Motorola DROID X2 and uncover its hidden powers. GingerBreak is a user-friendly tool to root your Android devices in just a single click. It supports devices [...]

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