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Gameloft Goes with Amazon

by: Carl FieldMarch 28, 2011

Amazon strikes again! Everyone knows that Amazon opened its version of the “Android Market” this week and so far, they’ve done some big things. They nailed down a few exclusive games for distribution through their market, while also offering a free paid app or game per day. They closed out the week by announcing popular developer Gameloft will publish their games though Amazons marketplace. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the things Amazon App market has done in its first big week…

First and foremost, they got Gameloft. I have been a fan of their awesome (and hard to download) games since I’ve owned an Android phone. They yanked their games from the Android Market last [...]

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You Might Be Able to Throw Away your Charger Sooner Than You Think

by: Carl FieldMarch 25, 2011

At this years CTIA spring show, a new type of cell phone charger was unveiled that will blow you away. If you hate cords and chargers like I do, your going to love this new device. It might not totally eliminate the need for a charger (yet), but it will greatly improve your battery life. On some devices like the nook, it may eliminate it completely.

Enter French startup company “Wysips” and their innovative approach to charging your phone. What they bring to the table is the worlds first transparent photovoltaic film. Think a screen protector that can charge your phone and you get the picture.

The company claims it will be super-thin and very similar to a screen [...]

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Google holds on to Honeycomb Source Code

by: Carl FieldMarch 25, 2011

Google has always been popular among developers. Since the beginning days of the Android OS, they have made the source code available to the public. Developers have been able to take the code and customize it to their own needs for use in phones and a variety of other devices.  Well, Google is putting a temporary halt to that with its newest OS “HoneyComb.”

Google has announced that it will delay distributing the Honeycomb source code, claiming that it’s not ready to be altered or customized for other devices yet. Honeycomb was designed specifically for tablets and Google thinks that if it’s unleashed to the masses, it would create a “bad user experience” for [...]

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Sprint Speaks Out on the AT&T, T-Mobile Merger

by: Carl FieldMarch 24, 2011

It seems like many people are pretty upset about AT&T trying to acquire T-Mobile. According to an article from Bloomberg, you can now add Sprint to that list. Sprints CEO Dan Hesse said that Sprint will “voice its concerns” to Congress. Hesse believes that the deal “hurts the wireless industry and will stifle growth.” I am sure he is also not happy about Sprints stock falling 14% yesterday amid concerns about the takeover.

The deal still isn’t done yet, and it still has to get regulatory approval from the FCC.  AT&T’s senior VP Jim Cicconi responded to Hesse’s statement by saying, “we understand Sprints concerns, and we’ll be happy to address any they present to the [...]

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Amazon’s New Android App Store

by: Carl FieldMarch 23, 2011

In the wee hours of the morning, something happened that a lot of us had been waiting for.  The Amazon Appstore has finally opened.  If that wasn’t big enough, if you sign in today you can also receive “Angry Birds Rio” for free. Amazon has stated that they will offer one paid app every day, for free.  Sounds like a great deal to me and who doesn’t like free stuff?

All apps will be tested before being released into Amazon’s App Store, to ensure that they work and are free of any malicious code.  Amazon will also let users test-drive an app before they are downloaded, as well as offer recommendations to customers on apps they may enjoy. They are certainly off to a [...]

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