App developer opportunities on Android Authority

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Android Authority is committed to working with and supporting Android app developers of all sizes. We offer many different ways you can get your apps in front our audience.

We do not  accept payments for any form of coverage. We have one paid app advertising opportunity in the form of the App Spotlight feature (details below.)

Below are some of the Android app developer opportunities that we offer:

Indie App of the Day

The Indie App of the Day is a series where we showcase the apps of independent developers. We know how hard it can be to get your app noticed in the Google Play Store, and we want to help. If we feel our audience will appreciate your app, you might just get featured. To apply for the Indie App of the day, please fill out the form below.

Meet the Devs

Meet the Devs is an interview series dedicated to showcasing the people behind the apps. This is a great chance for developers to showcase their apps and connect with the Android Authority community on a more personal level. If you are interested in being featured in our Meet the Devs series, please state your interest in the form below.

App Reviews & Best App Lists

We also conduct app reviews for apps that stand out and we feel would be worth of showcasing to our audience. Our best app lists consist of what we think are the best apps in different niches. If you feel your app is worthy of being included in one our lists, please let us know.

Google Play Weekly Sponsorship

Get your app in front of thousands of viewers who are looking for new apps to download. The Google Play Weekly article and YouTube video goes out every Friday and presents a great opportunity to drive exposure and downloads to your app.

App Developer Newsletter

The monthly newsletter consists of featured app development content written by our team of app developer contributors. We also use our newsletter to keep in touch with developers about advertising and marketing opportunities at Android Authority.

Connect with Us

Please fill out the form below to connect with us, let us know who you are, and what you are interested in.