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Zynga's ZombieSmash comes to Google Play Store, Android bot turns into zombie

Unlike its iOS cousin, the Android game features no ads
April 28, 2012

It’s zombie annihilation time, y’all! Zynga, the brain and brawn behind many popular Android apps and games, has finally ported ZombieSmash over to the Android platform. The “Survival Comedy” game will pit you, as Joey the lone survivor, against a horde of unrelenting zombies, which you’ll fend off in a frenzy of flicking, tapping, and smashing.

There are four games modes to select from:

  • Campaign Mode, where you have to survive 31 intense days against the zombie threat and another 30 nights in the New Camp Nowhere campaign.
  • Endless Siege Mode, where you’ll be up against a non-stop zombie assault.
  • Sandbox Mode, where you can try out all various tools to rain destruction on the zombies without actually putting yourself into danger
  • Bonus Nights Mode, where you can smash and destroy zombies in new ways, only available after unlocking.

There is an extensive list of weapons and tools that you can use to send zombies to their maker, and you’re not limited to traditional zombie-killers like shotguns or chainsaws. You can use an asteroid, a wrecking balls, liquid nitrogen, pistols, cinderblocks, landmines, a piercing sniper, a rocket launcher, and other creative-cum-hilarious weapons. The fun gameplay, coupled with the crisp graphics, will make waiting for the next season of The Walking Dead more bearable.

ZombieSmash can be downloaded from Google Play Store now for $0.99, and you’ll be glad to know that it features no ads (unlike the iOS cousin). Note that you’ll have to download an additional 55MB of game data.

Oh, and to celebrate the arrival of the undead on the Android platform, Zynga and Google have Zombie-fied the iconic Android statue found on Google’s Mountain View campus, as you can check in the cool video below.