CES may have lost a bit of its shine amongst smartphone makers, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t those who don’t want to take the stage to introduce their latest and greatest mobile offerings.

While we’ve received confirmation that Samsung won’t be debuting the Galaxy S4 in January, it seems ZTE is more than eager to revel in the spotlight. As listed on CES 2013 website, ZTE is planning to impress the attendees on January 8 by unveiling its latest flagship handset, the ZTE Grand S.

The description says that aside from being the company’s first full HD smartphone with a 5-inch display, the Grand S is also the “world’s thinnest”. The ZTE Grand S is “made of ceramic” and features a “traditional Chinese style”.

Though it sports a different name, there’s every reason to believe that the Grand S is none other than the Nubia Z5, which has been tipped to hit the Chinese market before the end of the year. Guess we’ll find out more in the coming days.

As for the new breeds of super smartphones, we told you they’re coming to invade our world. It’s not really surprising to see even the likes of ZTE, once comfortable playing in the low- to mid-end market, is bringing out its own 5-inch full HD smartphone to America and the world.