If you’re the proud owner of an Axon or Axon Pro, ZTE’s pair of 2015 flagship smartphones, then you’re slated for a pretty nice update. Although the spotlight feature to this update is the camera improvements, you’ll also be getting security patches from Google and better wireless connectivity.

The ZTE Axon got a new camera quick launch button that allows you to jump right into photography so you never miss a moment. The camera’s zoom feature has been improved, allowing for less deterioration of resolution when digitally zooming. The Google security patches are always a plus, especially with recent fears surrounding Stagefright and malware, and ZTE also threw in some Qualcomm-issued modem patches to boot. As icing on the cake, you now have the capability of using MetroPCS as an APN.

ZTE Axon review

That’s for the vanilla model of the smartphone. The Axon Pro (both the 32GB and 64GB versions) get everything the vanilla model gets with a few added extras. T-Mobile’s WiFi Calling 2.0 will now be at your fingertips, allowing you to save precious minutes on your cell phone bill by using WiFi connections instead of cellular service, but what’s even more interesting (at least to me) is that the camera has received some adjustments that let it focus faster in low light. There also have been some improvements to the camera’s white balance.

These alterations serve to boost the aspect of the device that we were most disappointed with in our review (namely camera quality) and might even make the Axon a more desirable smartphone option overall. Are you an Axon owner? What are your thoughts regarding this latest update? How have you enjoyed your device so far? Let us know in the comments!