ZTE, a lesser known player in the smartphone market that is big in Asia, already let loose it’s quad (quintuple) core Tegra 3 tablet at a tradeshow in China but a few short moons ago.

World's first Quad Core Tablet exposed, the 7-inch T98 by ZTE

While ZTE is much better known for its low-end Android phones in Asia than anything else, they appear to be wanting to turn the tide. With this latest leak, it appears that the giant OEM is stepping up its game, and will be bringing not one – but two Quad Core Tegra 3 tablets to market in the coming months.

The 10.1 Inch Tegra 3 Powered ZTE Android Tablet is Coming

Now, as the image will show you above, leaked courtesy of PocketDroid, This Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inspired tablet is looking to be a beast of a device. While little is still know about this tablet, we do know that it will come with 32GB of internal storage and a 3250mAh battery. Additionally, it is expected to launch with Android Honeycomb 3.2.

Any thoughts? Tegra 3 and competing Quad Core platforms from TI and Qualcomm are going to herald a new era of performance in a mobile devices. Quad cores too much power for you, friend? Also, be sure to check out the benchmarks on the upcoming Tegra 3 platform!

[via PocketDroid]

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