ZTE announced the Nubia Z5 smartphone a short while back. Or more accurately, ZTE had announced the Nubia line of devices during the event, however it was only the Z5 that got a specific mention though. In addition to the lack of device announcements, ZTE was not all that forthcoming in terms of specifics for the Nubia Z5.

The company stated that the ZTE Nubia Z5 was going to have a 5-inch display and that it would feature a quad-core processor and 13 megapixel rear-facing camera. Otherwise, all we had heard was a little talk about the design of the handset. ZTE did mention that the handset would be arriving in December for those in China.

And as if the lack of specs and release details were not enough to get you frustrated, ZTE did not even offer much in terms of a picture. In fact, all they offered was a pic showing off the backside. While we have yet to get much more than that, there has been a few new images to surface.

The images can be seen above in this post and as you can tell, they are real-world style images. The images show the speakers and camera on the backside and have a side-by-side with the iPhone 5. Sadly though, even with these newly surfaced images, we have yet to see the front of the device.

Robert Nelson

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