Jelly Bean 4.2 hasn’t been out for very long. As is the norm for new Android releases, only a very few phones even run it. Most of them are Nexus devices that were either released that way or got a quick upgrade. Now, a non-Nexus device is running 4.2 in China thanks to ZTE.

ZTE became the first Chinese manufacturer to release Android 4.2 to any of their smartphones. They happened to pick the N880E for the update. According to their official website, it should be available right now.

With the update, ZTE N880E owners will get all the perks that come with 4.2. So ZTE isn’t pulling any punches with the update. What’s interesting about it is the N880E is not a spectacularly spec’d device. With a single core 1GHz processor and a 480 by 800 resolution screen, it isn’t nearly as powerful as some devices that other OEMs have deemed not good enough for the update.

Is ZTE going to release 4.2 to other devices?

They sure are. ZTE Head of the Terminal Division, Mr. He Shiyou, has stated, “ZTE will introduce more models on Android 4.2 in the future, and will continue to make improvements to equipment performance and stability, ensuring that our handsets meet with the high expectations of today’s consumers.”

So if you have a ZTE handset and it’s relatively current, there is a good chance you’ll see Android 4.2. After all, if a 1GHz processor can handle it, many of their other devices can as well. Are there any ZTE owners out there excited about ZTE’s update plan? Let us know in the comments.

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