Firefox OS

Whereas competing smartphone makers tend to keep mum about their upcoming devices, ZTE just cannot hold back its excitement to reveal its plans for Mobile World Congress 2013.  We’ve already shown you the colossal Grand Memo, with its design and many of its specs already unveiled ahead of its official MWC launch. What’s more exciting, however, is ZTE’s launching of Firefox OS powered smartphone.

The Chinese company has recently sent invitations to several media outlets for its press conference (25 February, at 4pm) at the Barcelona event:

ZTE – Life is Grand
Mobile Devices Global Media Launch – MWC 2013

ZTE would like to invite you to the announcement of two major new mobile devices at MWC 2013. To whet your appetite – the hashtags for the announcements will be:


Clearly, it’s the #ZTEMozilla hashtag that indicates a Firefox OS smartphone. Previous reports show that both Mozilla and ZTE are also preparing to launch a smartphone for Europe, with negotiations with an undisclosed carrier underway.

Perhaps in a bid to not to depend too much on Android, ZTE’s choice to adopt a new mobile operating system is part of the company’s plan to “create a better balance of products using various operating systems.

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