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Cloud syncing and accessing desktop files and folders through Zoolz app for Android

April 2, 2012

It’s very frustrating when you are downloading videos or applications from the Internet and then you find out that your data storage is not enough. This where additional storage comes in handy, which is precisely why there are a lot of cloud storage providers emerging on the Web.

Adding to the rapidly growing list of cloud storage services is Zoolz, which offers 4 GB of free storage online. It works more or less the same as other cloud storage services, but the thing that distinguishes it from the rest is that a user has the option to choose which local folders he/she wants to sync.

Users will have less problem with compatibility because the service supports both Android- and iOS-powered devices, allowing users to easily access their data remotely through the official Zoolz mobile app.  Zoolz is also integrated with Facebook, allowing users to share their photos to their Facebook accounts.

Aside from that, another thing that this app can do for users is that it allows someone to download and open files on a device through compatible apps. The app also has a timeline-based photo gallery showing photos in chronological order, sorting from oldest to the newest. You can also sync more than one computer, providing you access to data that you might have saved on someone’s PC.

Using Zoolz

When using Zoolz, you first have to register an account and then log in to the service or you can use your Facebook account to login. Once registered, you are automatically provided with 4 GB of free storage, but you can also choose to extend your storage up to 20 GB by in-app purchase or through referrals to your friends.

To enjoy this service you have to install the Zoolz mobile client on your device and its desktop counterpart on the computer that you want to be synced. Once installed, you can start syncing the files or folders from your PC.

Another thing is that through the web version of Zoolz, you can choose which part of your computer’s storage you want to sync. For example, you can either choose to sync the entire My Documents or My Computer folder.

Syncing a file might take some time especially if you have a lot of files to be synced. However, once the syncing process is done, everything will be fast and easy (though the speed will depend on your network connection).

The Zoolz app also has a native file explorer that lets you browse through all the synced files in your Zoolz account. Contents are also sorted based on categories, namely Files, Photos, and Favorites. This makes file browsing easier.

Enjoy free 4 GB cloud storage and start accessing your cloud folders.  Check out Zoolz free from the Google Play Store.

Have you tried Zoolz?  Is it any better than other free cloud-based storage services?