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Zombie Madness II - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is Zombie Madness II. In this point and drag shooter, you mow down hoards of zombies with a variety of weapons. Classic fun!
October 1, 2014
zombie madness ii review

What is Zombie Madness II?

Zombie Madness II is a slide and tap shooting game where you mow down hoards of zombies with an ever increasing array of weapons and grenades. It sports modest, but decent graphics, a free (with no in app purchases) price tag, and pretty decent ratings so far.

Here is how it works. Your base has a wall along with a bunker. You can upgrade your bunker, your wall, and add up to four other bunkers to aid in your fight against the zombie hoard. You can also upgrade your weapons, grenades, and skills such as faster loading, faster grenade throwing, and better aim.

Once the game starts, you swipe up and done with your right thumb and use your left thumb to hit the fire button. A double tap lobs a grenade. From there the object of the game is obvious. Kill the zombies before they break down your wall and get inside your base. The mechanics are somewhat unique and fun and although the zombies move pretty slowly, it can get kind of intense once they reach your wall.

There are no in app purchases so you must grind coins yourself to unlock everything. There also doesn’t seem to be a story line although there do appear to be different levels. That means you’re pretty much in it for the zombie killing and that’s it. If you wanted something a little more deep you may have to look elsewhere. There are also some menu prompts that are a tad confusing. For instance, if you lose it says you must quit the game. However, any money you’ve accrued carries on to the next round.

zombie madness II review
Small issues aside, the game is actually pretty fun. It’s no Dead Trigger but you could definitely do worse. It is free with no in app purchases which will make this game look more attractive to some people. There could be more but it’s not bad with what it has.