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Zombie epidemic coming to Plague Inc. in February update

A new update for the popular strategy game Plague Inc. is expected to release in February and introduces yet another outbreak: mindless zombies!
January 27, 2013
Plague Inc.

Forget about the Neurax Worm’s mind control catastrophe that endangered the whole human existence; an even deadlier mutation is about to wreak havoc in the popular Android strategy game, Plague Inc. Come February, a new game update (1.5) will include the Necroa Virus that can kill infected victims and turn them into mindless zombies. It’s all new gameplay that will keep players disturbingly entertained by killing billions of people.

Unlike previous viruses which the game is able to fight against by formulating a cure, a new organization is formed to contain the player’s much-maligned effort to turn every human into the living dead. Strategies that worked in past mutations may no longer have the same level of efficacy when used for the Necroa Virus.

James Vaughan, one of the minds at Ndemic Creations, who developed Plague Inc., asserts that the game still lives up to its realistic take of disease outbreaks even though the element of horror is more prominent. Besides the unique gameplay, other features are also either added or enhanced in the update: music, graphics, events, and achievements.

Due to the usual optimizations and sophisticated testing for several Android devices, there is a good chance that the Android update will release some time after its iOS equivalent. And once it arrives, the Necroa Virus update can be availed for $1.99, or at no cost when all the previous stages of the game are completed on brutal difficulty.