You maybe familiar with the Zinio app for Android. Of course, it’s hard to miss an application that easily converts magazines into a tablet-readable format. Well, if you’re one of those who own and use it, here’s some good news. Zinio has received a huge performance boost recently. That is if you’re using a Tegra-2 packing Android 3.1 tablet. The app is now fully utilizing the GPU and uses full OpenGL ES acceleration for all of its usual features: page turning animations, page panning and zooming. Plus it will not be resizing those pages anymore for your tablets screen. This version of Zinio will instead deliver the high-resolution page and scale them when necessary.

How was this possible? By the unlikely help from the guys who developed the Tegra 2. The busy bees at Nvidia were given a crack at the Zinio source code, and them being the geniuses they are, they grafted in their own code that transferred the original processing load that was given to the CPU for graphical process, and put it all on the GPU. This pretty much optimized the app for Tegra purposes perfectly which it should considering the guys who developed the GPU were behind the optimization.

This is an excellent move for Zinio. The app itself is quite popular for its large amount of content and cross-platform performance but combine it with an optimized build for a popular platform like Android and you’re well on your way to making a killer app.

Source: Android Central

Aerol Bibat
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