Good news indeed. The even better news is thousands of great magazine titles are now available via Zinio, a mobile magazine newsstand app who’ve practically brought an entire medium right into the fingertips of select users. Of course, by ‘select’ is meant the following tablets:

Motorola Xoom, LG Optimus Pad, Acer Iconia, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a bunch of other Honeycomb devices are eligible for a very special promo.


Not only are thousands of great titles available, but downloading the Zinio app before June 15 (there’s so much spare time until then, folks) avails the eager reader 24 free titles. It’s a steal! The free titles cover almost every major hobby group, meaning there’s enough nice glossy content for everyone.

The titles range from tech staples such as PC Magazine and Stuff to standard men’s fare like Maxim and Esquire.

For die hard magazine readers who refuse to wake up to the digital wave, this is actually the sweetest compromise imaginable. Finally, the full brunt of editorial precision and richly prepared content is poured into willing Android tablets. This seems like another major win for Honeycomb as it has become the savior of literally hundreds of brands that needed to cross the media consumption device divide so as not to leave behind their respective audiences.

Print Magazines

In case you’re wondering, here’s a brief introduction to San Francisco based digital news stand Zinio from, well, Zinio:

“Zinio is where the world reads, interacts with and explores the largest selection of magazines across the most popular reading devices. No other platform provides global access to more than 4,200 magazine titles covering every major genre, industry, specialty and hobby. Zinio users currently download millions of magazine issues a month in 33 languages and 19 currencies – from every major global publisher. The company is focused on creating an intuitive and effortless reading experience that transforms how we read, from passive to active, from solo to social.”

Somewhere out there, editors are wiping their sweaty brows and heaving great sighs of relief.

Source: PR Newswire