Accessing and managing files from the internet to your Android device used to be a daunting task, especially since you have to manually sync your device every time you need to make a file transfer. The ZeroPC Cloud Navigator however, is a cross platform data aggregator for tablets, allowing you to connect to different social networking sites and online cloud storage through an interface that looks like a conventional file explorer. Once you have successfully synced your accounts with the ZeroPC Cloud Navigator, accessing, managing and sharing files from different social networking sites are made easier.

What does ‘desktop file explorer-like interface’ mean?

A lot of Android device owners who have not yet encountered the ZeroPC Cloud Navigator have no idea what makes the app special with its desktop file explorer like interface feature. This feature only means that your contacts from Facebook are saved in a separate folder, while images, video, music and note files are presented in a dual-pane style that is similar in Windows Explorer. As almost all of us know, this style makes navigation between one folder to the other and checking its content, much faster and easier.

How to use the app

You will need to have a ZeroPC account before you can start using the account. Signing up is easy since you will not be charged anything for it. After logging in with your own account, click the Settings button at the top right corner of the screen to connect the ZeroPC Cloud Navigator to the services that you want. In short, the ZeroPC app offers Android users with a user-friendly interface and hassle free way of managing cloud data easily. In fact, you can begin exploring the files stored in the app by tapping on a service of your choice on the app’s homescreen. If you want to find a specific data, you can use the search bar located beside the Settings button.

What it lacks

The ZeroPC Cloud Navigator is capable of supporting a vast amount of data from various cloud services however, it is still incapable of supporting YouTube, which is currently the largest online video streaming service. Those who are using Windows Live might also get disappointed since the app does not support SkyDrive. In short, the app certainly is an excellent addition in the Android Market however, the developer could still improve it and add more features.