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Deal: lifetime ZenVPN subscription 95% off

Interested in masking your online activity? Maybe you just want access to Netflix content not available in your region? ZenVPN is the right pick for you.
December 8, 2016

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Last week, we found a deal for Getflix, a service that lets you access different regions’ video streaming services. Some readers responded that a better service was ZenVPN, which isn’t restricted to just video streaming.

In light of this, we decided to keep an eye on ZenVPN and see if we could find it at a discount rate. Low and behold, the VPN gods have smiled upon us, because lifetime subscriptions are going for 95% off from now through Monday.

ZenVPN protects your private information while you’re using public wifi connections. You can also use it to mask your browsing from prying entities like hackers or government. By making your computer appear as though it’s located in a different region, you’ll also gain access to that region’s Netflix and Hulu content. Pretty damn nice.

For comparison, PureVPN’s lifetime access – which is also on sale at 88% off – will still cost you $70.

Click the button below to start surfing the web more freely and with stronger security!

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