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Ever want a power bank you could run over with your car?

Well, maybe that’s a weirdly specific desire. But nevertheless, that’s what you’ll get with the Zendure A-8 portable charger.

This robust battery pack is perfect for hikers, power users on the go, or just people who are klutzy in general (Oops! I forgot to charge my phone last night. Oops! I just dropped my backup power bank off a building. Fortunately neither is a problem.)

It’s not a power bank; it’s a power tank.

Because the Zendure A8 rocks a massive 24,800 mAh battery, you can charge your phone 7 to 9 times before it taps out. Recharge it overnight, and it’s ready at a moment’s notice for at least the next half year.

The Zendure A8 retains 95% of its charge even after six months without use.

The charge ports are naturally QC 3.0, so you won’t be waiting around forever for your device to juice up either.

Normally the Zendure A8 goes for $126.95. However, Tech Deals is having a sale for the next few days (or as long as supplies last) that chops 48 percent off the retail price, meaning you grab this baby for $64.95. Check it out over here!

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