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YouTube to select best video ever, shut down tomorrow for 10 years

YouTube will apparently shut down tomorrow after selecting the best video ever in a contest that lasted eight years. The website will be turned back on in 2023.
March 31, 2013

YouTube has posted an unexpected video on its own channel earlier today, reminding everyone that for the last eight years the purpose of the website was find the best video around.

Not many users are probably aware of this and many people have probably forgotten about the competition, but today is the last day for submitting your video and hoping for your chance of winning an MP3 player and a $500 stipend to go into your future creative endeavor. The prize will be awarded in 10 years from now, in 2013, when the site will reopen to only show the winning video.

In addition to reminding users about the contest, YouTube further explained how the winning video will be chosen by its team of dedicated engineers. Apparently every video ever uploaded to the site will be reviewed by a team of 30,000 technicians who will choose a short list for the best video on YouTube.

A final panel comprised of film critics, YouTube celebrities and prolific commentators will actually get to choose the best video and views won’t matter that much. Whether is the official Gangnam Style video that got a bazillion hits or the video of a man feeding bread to a dog that got around 40 hits, they all have an equal chance to win the top prize.

A bunch of well-known YouTube personas also appear in Google’s official video, talking about their hopes of winning the top spot on YouTube, see for yourself:

Naturally, since we have an established presence on YouTube ourselves, we surely hope that one of our videos will actually be selected as the winner. Sadly though, you won’t be able to watch our videos after today – except for the one of them in case it does win the contest – so better grab a coffee and check them all out before Google deletes them.

Note: yes, this is one of Google’s April Fools Day jokes that hit the web a day earlier and yes, we’re aware it’s a joke. No, YouTube is not going anywhere, and yes, we’ll continue to put out great videos for you to enjoy, so don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. And yes, those are Apple iMacs in the video above whose logos have been hidden.