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YouTube is now eight years old, and decided to thank all of its users for helping it reach this milestone.

While the service won’t be closing on its eighth anniversary, as the joke went on April Fools Day, the blog post does mention a fascinating fact — over 100 hours of video content are getting uploaded every minute (a pretty amazing figure, you have to admit). The blog post also reminded us the previously known fact that it has over a billion users every month.

The post links to some examples of what YouTube can do, including offering access to news (the example is some surveillance video footage related to the Boston bombings) or offer answers to questions (with a video on how big is the Universe provided to prove the point).

Of course, it would have been impossible not to mention the extremely annoying (for some) Gangnam Style, which serves to show the influence of YouTube, at its current 1.6 billion views (and growing).

What will the next eight years bring?

The Google-owned video service still has a lot of room to grow from here. There have been rumors of the service going into the streaming music business, which certainly makes sense, given that the success of artists nowadays is measured in the number of YouTube views their music videos get.

Still, the most important direction in which YouTube will develop over the next few years seems to be paid subscriptions. The pilot program for paid subs has already started, and, with more content providers presumably joining in the future, it could totally change the way we consume video.

What do you think the future will bring for YouTube?

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