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Google isn’t quite done yet making changes to YouTube’s UI and layout. After launching the newly redesigned main homepage just a few days ago, the Android app and mobile website are next in line in getting the winter makeover.

As announced on YouTube’s Google+ page, the new UI is designed to impress tablet owners – be it when they’re using the Android app or when browsing the mobile website on their tablets.

The refreshed YouTube Android app “provides easy access to your favorite channels and ways to discover new ones”. If you’re sporting a 7-inch android tablet, chances are you can’t see the new layout yet, as it’s only meant for 10-inch tablets like the Nexus 10. The rest will have to make do with “bug fixes”.

The UI on YouTube’s mobile version, which you can access on, has also been optimized for tablet users. Again, we think only the bigger tablets can see the changes, the iPad included. Similar to the updated app, there’s now a Guide that lets users easily navigate through their subscribed channels, as well as new ones.

What’s the verdict on the new YouTube UI on 10-inch tabs and mobile website? Love it or leave it?

Bams Sadewo
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