youtube settings

Users with limited data allowances will appreciate the latest update to the YouTube Android app, which brings the ability to select the quality of video streaming.

Up until version 5.7, users of the mobile YouTube app could only pick between two options when it came to streaming quality – HD and non-HD. That’s fine for most users, but there’s no doubt that the web version offered more flexibility and transparency, by letting users choose between several resolutions, from 144p to 4K.

Google has fixed this inconsistency in YouTube 5.7 – instead of the HD/no-HD option from before, the new cog button now lets you pick the video resolution you prefer, between 144p, 240p, 320p, and 720p. There’s no 1080p for now, which is a bit odd given how prevalent Full HD screens are these days, but 720p quality is great nonetheless. There’s also an Auto option, just like on the web, which presumably picks the optimal quality based on your connection speed.

youtube screenshot

The updated functionality could be a boon for users looking to save on their data consumption. The 144p option in particular should be far more frugal compared to the non-HD option from the past, albeit at a very low quality. But for those times when you must watch a video while on a data connection, 144p or 240p may just be good enough.

That’s the only change that’s visible in the 5.7 update, which is now rolling out to all users. If you just can’t wait, folks over at XDA uploaded the Google-signed .apk file for your sideloading pleasure. Enjoy!