In order to dispose of the remaining number of BlackBerry PlayBook from its inventory, Research in Motion has decided to sell the products for a loss. Comparing to its original price, Americans can now buy the PlayBook and save up to $400 on a unit. You can now buy the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB model for only $299 on the official web store of RIM. The sale is only until February 4, however.

And if you decide to get the discounted PlayBook, you now have access to the Android Market through a series of steps. CrackBerry has provided a step by step process on installing Android Market on the PlayBook. If you are interested, you just need to have the tablet, WinSCP, and the latest Cyanogen Google app version. After installing, you can start looking for your favorite Android-only apps and download them to your PlayBook.

Considering that the device is still a BlackBerry, there are some apps that will not work on the device. But still, it’s worth a shot.


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Christine Torralba
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