yelp_android_screenshotThe Android Market is going mainstream with some high profile applications making their way into the catalog. Earlier this week, Yelp, the popular online city guide, released a mobile application for the Android platform. The Yelp application grabs your location from your GPS and presents you with ratings, reviews, and photos of local restaurants and businesses. The application can also launch a movable Google Map which pinpoints the location of the business of interest and provides directions from your current location.

Unlike the iPhone version, which allows users to submit photos and quick tips from their mobile phone, the Android version of Yelp is read only with users only being able to view and not contribute to the content. Despite its limitations, it is a promising start and can only improve in the future.Yelp-loving, Android users can download Yelp from the Market now for free.

Another high profile application, this time from NPR, will hit the Android Market at the end of December. The NPR News application for Android will provide quick and easy access to all of NPR’s online content, streaming your favorite NPR programs to your phone while you browse, text, or send an email. Customization is the buzz word for this application with local NPR stations being able to serve up their own custom content, not just NPR content, and Android users being able to customize the content according to their interests. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

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