Android users can now skip the stock music app with Play, an app developed by Yahoo! for free. Aside from being a music player, Play allows automatic scrobbling to, identifies songs similar to Shazam’s capability, and create playlists depending on a song or a mood, which is iTunes genius.

At first look, Play looks bare without the option to purchase songs (Yahoo! says that will follow soon.), or the ability to play from the cloud or from Google Music (It is from Yahoo!, to begin with). However, it has its pros too, like being considerably faster than the Android music app. It also takes care of missing album art, as it will automatically download it for you if you have a data connection. The interface is also easy on the eyes, and it has an added news button for users who want to get the latest stories about the currently playing artist Play is also almost bug-free for a newly launched app.

The song identification feature is considered its greatest selling point. While it’s basically what apps like Shazam or SoundHound offers, there is this Continuous option to listen to and identify multiple songs playing, yes, continuously, and then builds a list of songs from that. App testers also consider the Identify feature to be pretty accurate, although Yahoo!’s music library is still not as extensive as that of Shazam’s.

The impression it leaves is that, for a company which is no longer as competitive as before, launching Play is quite a sleek move, because it reflects Yahoo!’s understanding of its consumers and its efforts to serve their needs.

Play is now available on the Android Market.

via Mashable

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