app update

In the wake of the Nexus 7 (2013) launch, the open source nature of the device was compromised. Qualcomm wasn’t making their factory images available, giving Jean-Baptiste Queru — affectionately known to us all as JBQ — fits. He openly questioned his role at Google, and lamented having to do it. What good was open source if it wasn’t truly open?

As a result, JBQ left Google. He was dismayed at his position, and rightfully so. Google had allowed him to become the face of open source, but offered no recourse for him to seek remedies to situations like the one he was facing. Qualcomm had tied his hands, legally speaking, and forced him into a position he wasn’t comfortable in.

JBQ moved on, and has quickly landed at Yahoo! as their new Senior Principal Engineer Working on Mobile Apps. He noted, via Twitter (not Google+), his excitement in his new role. Yahoo! definitely needs help with their mobile products, and who better than JBQ?

Marissa Mayer famously fretted over the new Yahoo! Mail app, making an 11th hour change to the color scheme. With someone like JBQ in charge of mobile apps, that burden may be lifted from her.

Mayer is also fond of snatching up former colleagues to work for her, with COO Henrique De Castro and the head of Flickr also former Googlers. Having been at Google very early on, Mayer undoubtedly sees parallels between an up-and-coming Google and a Yahoo! in desperate need of a reboot.