Just when we thought that we could almost shrug Yahoo off completely, it seems that the company still has a few cards up its sleeve. Not only has the company now announced plans to purchase Tumblr, Yahoo is also introducing a complete redesign for Flickr, bringing with it one terabyte of free storage space for your photos.

Outside of the massive increase in storage space, Yahoo’s new look for Flickr is all about putting images front and center, eliminating white space and simplifying the UI to create a cleaner, easier to use look. The new Flickr also allows the uploading of full-resolution photos and makes it easier than ever to share photos through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest.

The new look is sharp, and really catapults the site’s design forward.

For us Android users, Flickr also is finally pushing out a massively improved Android app! Like the new Flickr website, the new app puts major focus into removing white space, instead filling the app with great looking photos with extremely thin borders and infinite scrolling.

It’s great to see Yahoo doing it a bit more to push Flickr back into the spotlight, and the new changes could potentially be good news even for those of you that use other services to store photos. Why? Because competition is a good thing, and when a company makes a major change – like adding a crap-load of extra storage space – you can bet that other sites aren’t too far behind.

Now what remains unseen is whether the changes will be enough to give Flickr an edge against its competitors.

Andrew Grush
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