Bat-and-ball games, for some reason, attract a hefty number of fans the world over. Baseball, softball, and cricket are three of the more famous variations of bat-and-ball games, cricket being the most famous.

Surprised it’s not baseball? Apparently cricket sits in the second spot as the world’s most popular sport, next to football. The sport’s popularity is mainly due to its large number of fans in India, Australia, and some parts of Asia and Europe. The sport was the brainchild of the British, so it’s really not surprising to know that those areas got hooked with it, since these places were once colonized by the British Empire.

Enough about the yesteryear, let’s get back to the present. Having cricket as a very popular game, fans would want to be updated with anything related to the sport–news, match schedules, scores, ball-by-ball commentaries, and even player information. When you are a die-hard Cricket fan, you would want to know all the latest news and live updates even when you are mobile. Finally, your Android device can answer that need with Yahoo! Cricket.

Yahoo! Cricket is what cricket fans with Android devices lack in their lives. The app had been available for other clients of Yahoo! Cricket for some time now, but just recently was it officially launched on the Google Play Store.

Keep in mind, this app was developed by Yahoo! so we can expect nothing short of spectacular, right? The app boasts a very sleek and easy-to-use interface. Four main tabs that anchor the matches, news, photos, and teams, make navigation around the app a breeze.

Results of recently completed matches, together with their full scorecards and player stats, can be checked in the Matches tab. Upcoming matches and further details of the ongoing cricket series can also be viewed in this tab. The News tab, as its name suggests, gives you the latest news about the cricket world. The Photos tab has tons of albums containing photos of matches, players, and a lot more while the Teams tab shows the list of all the teams, their current rankings, and detailed information about their players.

Match summaries are also presented in landscape mode, including detailed breakdowns of innings with ball-by-ball commentaries. Tapping the tab switches from ball-by-ball commentary view to the summary view and vice-versa.

If a match is currently going on in another part of the world, the app can still keep you updated with the latest scores even if you are oceans away.

One neat feature this app has is the option to have user-defined score refresh rates. You can even shake the device to have the scores refreshed. With this, it’s like you’re watching the match, keeping count of the scores with fellow fans.

Yahoo! Cricket engages the user with its interactive content, making you experience cricket like you’ve never experienced it before, with your Android device, of course. Whether you are on the go or just lounging around your house, you are kept up to date with everything about your favorite sport.

Definitely a must-have for any cricket fan, Yahoo! Cricket should be deemed a staple in your Android device. As a cricket-lover, would you go on wandering aimlessly in the world of cricket without this app? Guess not.

With not a second to waste, head on to the Google Play Store and grab Yahoo! Cricket for free.