If you still have XXLPB Firmware on your Samsung Galaxy S2 then it’s time to change to the new leak Firmware called XXLPH, with this firmware you get better battery life and it’s more stable than the XXLPB.

Just follow the simple steps below to update your phone.


  • Make sure that your phone battery is charge at least 60%
  • Backup your phone data into your computer.
  • Turn on USB Debugging, on your homescreen tap Menu> Settings> Application> Development. Then, make sure that USB debugging is checked.


  1. First, download XXLPH Firmware on your computer.
  2. Then, extract it to a new folder using Winzip/Winrar. you should see the following files:
    • MODEM_I9100XXLPH_REV_02_CL1104396.tar
    • I9100_CODE_I9100XXLPH_CL118559_REV02_user_low_ship .tar
    • I9100_APBOOT_I9100XXLPH_CL118559_REV02_user_low_sh ip.tar
    • GT-I9100-MULTI-CSC-OXALPH.tar
  3. Next, download Odin3 v1.83.exe
  4. Turn off your phone.
  5. Go to Download mode: press and hold the Volume Down + Home + Power, after that you’ll get a ‘Warning!‘ screen just press Volume up to continue to enter download mode.
  6. On your computer double-click the Odin3 v1.7.exe to run the program.
  7. Connect your phone to the computer using your USB Data Cable.
  8. The Odin program will recognize your phone and you will see that the ID : COM section will turn yellow, which will mean that all the drivers have been successfully installed.Now, in Odin, select these files at respective tabs:
    • Click the Bootloader Tab, and select I9100_APBOOT_I9100XXLPH_CL118559_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5
    • Click the PDA Tab, and select I9100_CODE_I9100XXLPH_CL118559_REV02_user_low_ship.tar
    • Click the Phone Tab, and select MODEM_I9100XXLPH_REV_02_CL1104396.tar
    • Click the CSC Tab, and select GT-I9100-MULTI-CSC-OXALPH.tar
  9. Make sure to select the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time check box in the options.
  10. Then, click the START button. Now it will begin to update your device.
  11. When finished, your device should restart by itself. Restart it manually if it doesn’t.
  12. Wait for the Samsung logo then you can now safely remove your phone to the computer.
  13. If you have successfully updated your phone Firmware your ODIN program should look like this.

Congratulations, you have successfully updated your Samsung galaxy S2 to the latest leak Firmware called XXLPH.