What is XRacer: The Traffic?

XRacer is a mix between a racing game and an arcade game. It has above average graphics for an arcade game and some fun customization options as well. Did we mention that it’s also free to play?

Okay so here’s how the game works. It combines the visual elements of something like Need For Speed or CSR Racing with the endless runner charm of games like Temple Run. You drive a car using on screen controls or by using tilt controls and your goal is to avoid other cars. You get points by missing cars, driving in the opposite lane, and going very fast.

XRacer’s uniqueness comes from the other parts of the game. You have five cars that you can select from and each one is customizable. There are weather conditions on the tracks to take into account and there are even different game modes in case the one starts to get a little boring. It’s definitely a well designed game and it looks good.

XRacer review

One of the better looking endless runner-style games.


Above average graphics for an arcade game.
Car customization, road conditions, day/night driving, and various game modes help keep it interesting.
Free to play (with IAPs).
Leader boards and achievements are present.


It's a new game so there is almost certainly some bugs that haven't been found yet.
It looks really nice and has a lot of fun add ons but it is an endless runner arcade game which means the usual risk of repetitive boredom is there.

Bottom Line

Overall, this isn’t going to blow anyone’s mind but it is a fun game that you can try for free (there are in app purchases) to see if it’s something you like. The graphics are good and the game play is fairly smooth so why not give it a shot?

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