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This Xposed module adds blur effects to your expanded notifications

July 21, 2014
Xposed Blur 2

The Xposed Framework has been a must-have set of tweaks for those who want to make the most out of their Android devices. For some, running Xposed tweaks on otherwise stock (but rooted) ROMs has become a good alternative to installing custom ROMs like Cyanogenmod, AOKP, Paranoid Android, Carbon and others, simply because many of the customizations that come with these can be done through Xposed.

Many of the tweaks involve the user interface, which enhance usability and accessibility, while some are more of style and preference tweaks. One of these is the Blurred System Module UI, a new tweak that gives users the ability to customize how the background is blurred after pulling down the expanded notifications from the status bar.

Xposed Blur

The tweak works in both portrait and landscape modes, and offers fully-configurable Gaussian Blur settings, including scale, radius and color filters, as well as real-time blur. The Xposed tweak works on both custom ROMs and rooted stock ROMs, although your mileage may vary, depending on device (some users have reported errors). The only limitation at this point is that the tweak does not work on tablets. Also, note that Xposed still does not work with ART, Android’s pre-compiled runtime, which is likely to be the default runtime in upcoming Android versions.

To install the tweak, you must have the Xposed framework installed and running. You can either search for the “Serajr Blurred System UI” module within the Xposed installer or download the APK (XDA Developer link is included below). You’ll need to activate the module and reboot your device before using Blurred System UI. When making changes, the module will let you restart SystemUI to commit the changes and for the tweak to take effect.