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It’s been a while since we did our last drop test here at Android Authority, but we got your message – you want us to keep dropping phones and there’s one phone in particular that you want to see put to the test, the Sony Xperia Z2.

The Xperia Z2 has some pretty big shoes to fill. Back in October, we drop tested the Xperia Z1, and the phone came out intact; unlike most of its competitors, the device survived being dropped from about 6 feet straight on its screen, and came out without a crack. The only problem, and a big one, was that its display stopped functioning…

Will the Xperia Z2 do better than the Z1? Will the Z2 be able to go through our three drops (onto its back, side, and front) without breaking and with a functioning display? I won’t tease any further, here’s the drop test:

There you have it, the Xperia Z2 seems to be a notch above the Z1, not only in specs and features, but also in resistance to shocks. The phone emerged with an intact screen from its ordeal, and the only real issue (we won’t count the cosmetic dings on the side) is the dead pixels area in the screen’s lower left-hand side. That’s a permanent and annoying issue, but the good news is you can still use the phone without any real problems.

sony xperia z2 drop test (17 of 25)

The Xperia Z2 is an extremely durable device, and, when you consider it’s also resistant to water and dust, it becomes a solid option for those looking for a rugged smartphone. However, that pristine aluminum on the sides is a bit sensitive, so we do recommend wrapping the Xperia Z2 in a quality case. We have a selection of nice Xperia Z2 cases here. And, if you need further convincing, check out our Xperia Z2 review.