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Xperia Z2 survives six weeks under water, 10 meters deep

According to the Swedish press, an Xperia Z2 accidentally found itself 10 meters under the ocean. Six weeks later the device was finally retrieved, reportedly working just fine after being recharged.
August 11, 2014
One of the features that has helped set Sony apart from the rest of the pack is that its devices often come with water and dust resistant technology, although handsets like the Galaxy S5 have now followed suit with this trend. Officially, Sony rates its Xperia Z2 as being IP58 complaint, meaning it can handle fresh water up to 1.5m for up to 30 minutes. Unofficially though? It seems the handset can last much longer than we’d think.

According to the Swedish press, Alexander Maxén was on vacation with a friend when he dropped his phone into the ocean, causing it to fall into a bed of water that was more than 10 meters deep. Reportedly he was unable to get the device, though when they got back to land they were able to call it and found it was still receiving service.

Six weeks later, a friend of his went scuba diving and was able to recover the device. While the handset has received external damage and its battery was out of juice, surprisingly it booted right up after being plugged in. In fact, the device was still working well enough to make calls and everything.

So why doesn’t Sony rate its devices for longer resistance, if they are able to handle it? Just because this particular phone got lucky, doesn’t mean every Xperia Z2 would be able to repeat this experience with the same result. The big takeaway here though is if you find yourself in a situation where your Sony handset goes under water deeper or longer than you’d like, not all hope is lost. Just don’t expect to get as lucky as Maxén did.