Sony Xperia Z1

The Sony Xperia Z1 can do just about anything you want, from underwater photos and video to live social sharing. To highlight those points, Sony has come up with a new video for the Z1, said to be part of a massive marketing effort kicking off tomorrow.

In the video, Sony craftily showcases both the utility and nuance of the operating system. Functions like Timeshift burst — which acts like a quick shutter on a traditional camera — are nice, but knowing how photo selection works on screen is also really useful.

While the advertising spot focusses heavily on the camera, it also showcases gaming and Sony’s Walkman service. As the tagline suggests, it really is the best of Sony, for the best of you.

XperiaBlog notes the ad was filmed in Barcelona, and will see over 25 markets. Availability information for the US remains elusive for the device, though it is available for preorder across Europe.