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Is this the Xperia Z Ultra (Togari), or is it fake?

A purported image of the Xperia Z Ultra has hit the web, but is it real, or just a fake?
June 13, 2013
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A purported image of the upcoming Xperia Z Ultra has leaked showing a turned on device featuring a large display. But is it real?

We’ve seen a variety of leaks allegedly showing the upcoming 6.44-inch Sony smartphone, but this is the first one that’s apparently showing a working handset. The image seems to clearly suggest that we’re looking at a rather large handset here, of tablet proportions if you will, that sits comfortably in someone’s lap . That is, naturally, if we’re looking at the real device.

The handset is expected to be unveiled during Sony’s upcoming media events set for June 25 in Munich, Germany and July 4 in Paris, France.

Since these events are getting closer and closer, we’re not surprised to see more and more leaks hit the web. But we’re still going to hold on to our grain of salt with such unconfirmed images.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Even the source, French site NowhereElse, doesn’t seem convinced that this is indeed the Xperia Z Ultra. The publication says that the image could be a fake, showing an Xperia ZR cleverly photograph to fool the audience.

The Xperia ZR (image below) is a recently announced Android smartphone that packs a 4.55-inch display, which means it’s smaller than the Xperia Z. Comparatively, the Xperia Z Ultra is expected to pack a 6.44-inch display, as we mentioned before.

Xperia ZR
Xperia ZR

We’ll be back with more details about the Xperia Z Ultra once we have them. Meanwhile let us know what you think about purchasing such a big handset. Are you looking forward for the Xperia Z Ultra?