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Sony Xperia Z gets dipped in sulfuric acid, with surprising results (video)

The latest test the Sony Xperia Z has been subjected to a test that involves sulfuric acid, with results that were more than surprising. See for yourself in the video.
April 2, 2013
Sony Xperia Z - Acid Test -

The folks over at Stuff decided to test the resistance to elements of the Sony Xperia Z, but they decided a simple water test just won’t do. How about some corrosive sulfuric acid then?

Just to remind us how potent sulfuric acid is, the experimenters first dipped a tea spoon into an acid solution. The spoon was attacked and quickly dissolved.

Then, it was the Sony Xperia Z’s turn to take a dip into the dangerous substance. But let’s not spoil the surprise – here’s the video, made by Stuff.

In case you didn’t realize, that was an April Fools joke (like the ones Google or SwiftKey had for us yesterday), and it wasn’t the Xperia Z that was fake, but the spoon, which was made from a material that melts at a pretty low temperature.

Now, if you want to see what the Sony Xperia Z can really do, check out our video review of the smartphone (you can read the text version here). Sony’s flagship is a pretty sturdy device, and, while it likely won’t resist an acid test, it will make it through most day to day mishaps.

And now that April Fools Day is gone, what was your favorite tech-related prank?