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Sony's Xperia Z proving popular in Europe and in Japan

It looks like Sony's new full HD flagship smartphone is selling well. The Xperia Z Android smartphone sold out in just one day in France and in Japan DoCoMo sold over 140,000 units in the first week after its release.
February 21, 2013
Just a few days ago I wrote about the release of Sony’s new 5 inch full HD smartphone, the Xperia Z, in France and of Sony’s plans for the rest of Europe. Even though it has a price tag of €649, the full HD, quad-core Android smartphone sold out in just one day! For those in France who didn’t manage to get hold of one, the good news is that more stock is expected in just a week from now.

The success of the Xperia Z in France was mirrored in Japan. Reports from the Japanese press say that DoCoMo, the predominant mobile phone operator in the country, sold 140,000 units in the first week. DoCoMo sees this as a “fairly encouraging start.”

Clearly getting a full HD phone out into the market before Samsung is proving to be a successful strategy for Sony. But the cool display isn’t the only reason consumers are keen on this smartphone. Other neat things about this LTE 4G phone is that it is dust and water resistant, supports NFC, and packs 2GB of RAM. Importantly it also has support for a micro SD card, something many of the leading smartphones don’t have.

The 13.1MP camera with Exmor RS sensor is also proving to be a key selling point, with the HTC One switching to UltraPixels could it be that the lure of big megapixel numbers is still a key factor when people buy a smartphone?

So it looks like the Japanese and the French are giving the Sony Xperia Z a thumbs up, what about you? Will you be getting one?