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Xperia Z pre-orders sold out in several markets, Sony hopes for great 2013

March 11, 2013
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Sony is making a comeback (we hope so), with pre-order sell-outs in several markets being a good sign for the Xperia Z. With expected sales of 50 million in 2013, can Sony become the third player in the industry?

I like the direction where Sony is heading, I really do. From the amazingly thin (yet unfortunately named) Xperia Tablet Z, to the way the Japanese have been treating the developer community lately, I think that good ole Sony has understood a few important things about what consumers actually want in 2013.

The Xperia Z epitomizes what a flagship device should look like (are you listening Samsung?), while its specs will satisfy the most demanding customers. The device has become available in several markets in Asia and Europe already, and according to industry sources quoted by Digitimes, it sold out in the pre-order phase in several important countries, such as Japan, France, Germany, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Now, we all know that “selling out” is no longer an indication of the commercial success of a device. Pre-order stocks can be manipulated, and some manufacturers have realized they can drum up some hype by creating a false scarcity. Still, I think Sony is better than that, especially now that it has a device that sells itself, thanks to its great looks and specs.

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The same Digitimes report talks about Sony’s expectations for 2013, which include a substantial increase in the number of smartphones sold, from 34 million units in 2012 to 50 million units this year. Remember that Sony has recently vowed to become the third player in the smartphone industry, behind Samsung and Apple.

To achieve its lofty goals, the storied Japanese manufacturer plans to harness not only Android but also the feisty little Firefox OS. Sony is said to be releasing the first Firefox OS handset in 2014, but till then, the diminutive Xperia E got a taste of the new OS back at MWC.

Do you think Sony has a real chance at getting ahead of the pack in 2013?