xperia z charging dock

Charging dock DK26 for the Sony Xperia Z showed up Sunday morning on the Sony Xperia store in the UK. The charging dock will set Xperia Z owners back by £24.90 including VAT. The dock can not currently be ordered as it is labeled with “coming soon”.

The charging dock will be available in three colours: black, purple and white. Keep in mind that a micro USB cable isn’t included with the charging dock; you’ll be required to supply your own. This won’t be an issue if you’re one of the lucky customers who gets the charging dock bundled with their Xperia Z package.

The charging dock will be bundled with Xperia Z packages in some markets. Unfortunately this isn’t the case with the UK. We’ll make sure to let everyone know when the dock becomes available! Will anyone be picking up a charging dock for their Xperia Z when it becomes available to buy?

Brad Ward
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