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The Sony Xperia Tablet Z is, hardware-wise, probably the best looking and most attractive Android tablet currently on the market. Software-wise, the thin slab of glass and metal has been slightly behind the curve, but that’s changing.

According to Xperia Blog, some users of the of the LTE  version of the Xperia Tablet Z (model number SGP321) have reported the availability of the update to Android 4.2.2, which brings the build version to 10.3.1.A.0.244, similar to Sony’s 2013 flagships. Here are a couple screenshots from users who already got the update:

xperia tablet z android 4.2.2 update (1)

xperia tablet z android 4.2.2 update (2)

The update for the Wi-Fi versions apparently hasn’t started yet, but judging from Sony’s known MO, they should follow soon.

The update brings a few important changes in terms of user interface: the notification bar is now detached from the three capacitive buttons and can be found on top of the interface, where you can usually see it most Android devices. The three capacitive buttons have been moved from the left hand side of the bottom bar to the center. The new setup is in line with what most users would expect from an Android tablet interface, and reflects Google’s decision to unify tablet and smartphone interfaces in Android 4.2.

Another change is the move (or possibly removal) of the Small Apps button, which opens up Sony’s collection of productivity apps, from its previous position in the top bar.

For now, details are limited but we’ll keep you posted as more information emerges.

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