Sony has recently announced its latest Android tablet, the Xperia Tablet S, which soon started selling in several markets. However, the Japanese company was forced to temporarily halt sales, “after discovering gaps between the screen and the case that make some of the machines susceptible to water damage,” as Reuters reports.

Sony has shipped around 100,000 Xperia Tablet S units to date, but any of the already sold devices will be fixed in case the issue will cause any damage. It’s worth noting that the company will not recall any of the devices that were sold already, and we expect the issue to be corrected in order for Sony to resume sales – the problem apparently lies with the Chinese supplier that makes the device for Sony.

In case you purchased an Xperia Tablet S recently, we strongly advise not to get it anywhere near any kind of water source – but then again we’d tell you the same thing no matter what electronics device you’d purchase. However, the Xperia Tablet S is now probably even more susceptible to damage following unexpected water spills on the surface of the tablet, so we’ll double down on our warning.

Has anyone had any water-related accidents with the Xperia Tablet S yet?